Moto G review: an affordable smartphone, done right

Moto G review: an affordable smartphone, done right

Since Motorola was acquired by a certain tech giant last year, its new owner hasn’t had a particularly strong impact on the way it does business. Not too long ago, in fact, Motorola dealt another brag-hand of Droids, but there was something distinct about the Moto X that followed them. The first evidence of a change in direction, perhaps. In the same vein, the recently announced Moto G feels very much like a Google phone, and it makes a ton of sense.

If the Nexus 5 is for smartphone aficionados, and the Moto X is for upgraders who can’t resist the offer of a custom handset, then the Moto G is for those who want a functional device at a reasonable price. At $179 or £135 unlocked, the Moto G slots into the low-cost niche Samsung and others have been steadily cashing in on. That price tag, however, includes an unwritten disclaimer: Sacrifices were made. It’s certainly true with the Moto G, but with expectations in check, it’s hard to not be impressed with what Motorola has managed to achieve.%Gallery-slideshow122931%

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