Google’s camera app now lets you shoot in different aspect ratios

Google isn’t done getting its Android camera app up to the standards set by third-party software — not by a long shot. The company is now rolling out an update to Google Camera that lets you choose the aspect ratio for your photos, not just the…

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European Journalism Centre’s Free Data Journalism Course Starts May 19

If you’re anything like me, your data skills are rusty (at best). So, when I heard the European Journalism Centre (EJC) was going to sponsor a summer course on data-driven journalism, I was all ears. EJC and its subsidiary Data Driven Journalism recognized a need for a mass learning opportunity when big data is all the rage, and when a limited number of reporters have extensive experience sifting through public records to produce great journalism, like, say, what ProPublica does so well.
I got the email last week reminding me that I had enrolled in the "Doing Journalism With Data: First Steps, Skills and Tools" MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) and am super excited to get started.
The class, intended to teach professional journalists how to interpret data and create data journalism efficiently and effectively, is broken up into five modules which should take about 4-5 hours to complete. The module content is below:

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10 Ways To Use Social Media for Crowd Sourced Marketing

We’ve always trusted family and friends for recommendations. Marketers are finding ways to combine this age old referral process with social media. It’s also called crowd sourced marketing. This is where the social media “crowd”, shares your content and conversations for free on a global web. According to a report by Nielsen, 77 percent of…

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