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SELF-e Helps Launch Indie Author Day

SELF-e, a joint venture between BiblioLabs and Library Journal, announced today the launch of the first annual Indie Author Day, which will be on October 8, 2016. Events will occur locally at libraries across North America, and there will also be a global digital gathering. Full press release below: FIRST ANNUAL INDIE AUTHOR DAY ANNOUNCEMENT Hundreds of Libraries and Thousands of Indie Authors Across North America expected to participate on […]

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5 Landing Page Mistakes Hurting Your Results

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5 Things Early Startup Companies Should Outsource Completely

5 Things Early Startup Companies Should Outsource Completely

remotely, but you can also hire them whenever you need them on a contract basis. Plus, there are certain tasks that you may not need completed every day, so outsourcing is a fantastic way to get what you need when you need it. Check out the following five things early startups should outsource completely for the best results.

1.      Writing Assignments

Rather than hiring full-time writers who may not have enough work to keep them busy at your company every day, it’s best to hire hire freelance writers on a contract basis. You can use these writers over and over again for all of your writing needs, and you can negotiate a pay rate that works for both you and the freelancers. Whether you need help with developing stellar sales copy, engaging website content, or even social media posts, these freelance writing experts are waiting to be hired.

2.      Video Work

Whenever you need video production or editing services completed, you should outsource this task to a reputable and experienced videographer who is either located in your area or who can work for you remotely. If you need someone who has a studio that you can film in, or if you need someone who can film on location or at your workplace, you’ll need to hire someone who’s local. Otherwise, you can outsource other video production and video editing projects to professionals who can work from remote.

3.      Payroll

Rather than dealing with the hassle of figuring out the math for your payroll every week, outsource this task to a reliable payroll company. Even if your startup currently only has a couple of employees, it is best to always outsource payroll to professionals who know how to properly calculate taxes that should be withheld so that you do not run into any problems later on.

4.      Professional Photography Services

You may think that you take some spectacular photographs on your smartphone or with your digital camera, but the truth is, if you want really high quality images of your products or your team for use in a brochure or on your website, you need to hire a professional photographer. This will ensure that the best features are brought out clearly in every image, and you can rest assured that the photographer will have all of the equipment necessary for in-studio and on-location shoots.

5.      Web Design

Finally, it is always a good idea to outsource web design projects to a professional who knows how to develop and maintain a website that will be attractive, user friendly, and responsive on all devices. Rather than learning how to design and code a site yourself, leave this task to the pros.

With the help of professional contractors from all over the world, you can help your startup save money while getting professional quality work done every day.



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